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How Happy Are Your Kids?

The Pressure's Off

Twenty-one percent of moms are concerned that their kids are being pushed by peers to do poorly in school. But in fact, that's true for only 2 percent of kids. And there's more evidence to calm parents of potential underachievers: 60 percent of kids actually are being encouraged by their peers to do well in school.

Risky Behavior

More teens report pressure to engage in risky behavior than tweens.

  • Pressure to drink alcohol

    Tweens: 4 percent

    Teens: 23 percent
  • Pressure to do drugs

    Tweens: 5 percent

    Teens: 19 percent
  • Pressure to smoke cigarettes

    Tweens: 6 percent

    Teens: 17 percent

Girls vs. Boys: Who's Worried About What?

  • Getting good grades

    Girls: 54 percent

    Boys: 44 percent
  • How they look

    Girls: 49 percent

    Boys: 30 percent
  • Their weight

    Girls: 48 percent

    Boys: 22 percent
  • Problems with friends

    Girls: 42 percent

    Boys: 24 percent
  • College being too expensive

    Girls: 36 percent

    Boys: 24 percent
  • Problems with parents

    Girls: 29 percent

    Boys: 21 percent
  • Not finding a boyfriend/girlfriend

    Girls: 31 percent

    Boys: 16 percent
  • Getting a disease

    Girls: 24 percent

    Boys: 18 percent
  • Being pressured to have sex

    Girls: 11 percent

    Boys: 3 percent

Big Exception

Despite the number of women now in the active military, boys are much more anxious about having to fight in a war -- nearly a quarter of them are concerned about being on the front lines, while less than a tenth of girls are.