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How to enforce rules and instill family values in your teen and tween.

One of the greatest lessons that parents try to teach their children is honesty.

Imagine this scenario: You're pulling into a parking space so you can pick up Chinese food for dinner.

Do you know any parents who love teaching their kids to drive? Me neither.

One of my college sorority sisters has a 12-year-old son named Jack with autism.

Actress Lauren Holly recently wrote a blog wondering if her young sons were social deviants because they wouldn’t admit to stealing cans of soda from the fridge at home.

  This past weekend, I witnessed one of those sporting events that they make heart-swelling, tear-jerking inspirational movies about. Well, almost.

Written by JM Randolph When I became a custodial stepmom to five kids, I had zero prior child-rearing experience.

My teenager graduated from a learners permit to driver’s license today. I’m hoping it’s a good omen that he is starting to drive on his own during Teen Driver Safety Week.

Parents, it's important to remember there's no one-size-fits-all way teens learn about money.

Maybe you don't allow your tween to walk to the corner store or bike to a friend's house alone.

There is one thing my kids and I can’t seem to agree on: How much time they should spend watching YouTube videos, chatting on Facebook, and dialing up movies on Netflix.

Teen parenting expert Rosalind Wiseman on deciding the consequences for and learning the reasons behind your teenager's pierced nose.

Teen parenting expert Rosalind Wiseman on how to address your child's embarrassing brattiness at family functions.

Teen parenting expert Rosalind Wiseman on following school rules about students' mobile phone usage.

Teen parenting expert Rosalind Wiseman on how to correct your child's bad classroom behavior.

When I was editing the article Sticky Fingers about shoplifting, for our June issue, the thing that really got to me was that lots of kids don’t seem to take ethics seriously.

It's more common than you might think. And the punishment is far harsher and longer-lasting than you can imagine.