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Self Esteem

School and social issues are just two things that can take a toll on your kid's self image. Here, how to help your teen and tween develop a positive self-esteem and minimize negative influencers.

Being the parent of a teen girl has never been easy. But being a parent of a teen girl in this gadget-driven, video-vixen, text-versus-talk culture can be monumentally difficult.

By Bruce Feiler My girls are barely in their tweens, but the wardrobe wars have already begun.

Between Instagram breakups, hateful Facebook posts and viral videos of knockdown, drag-out brawls, it's easy to be pessimistic about social media and concerned about the negative effects they can

By Julie D. Andrews Barbie's back...and making headlines. She's got a hot new Twitter feed boasting 200K-plus followers.

In this Family Circle report, learn how a family's love brought one teen back from brink, whether suicide is contagious, and how to recognize the symptoms. You can make a difference, starting today.

    When we see gorgeous faces on even more gorgeous bodies staring at us from glossy magazine pages, as adults we know they’re not real.

Imagine you’re a fireman being rushed to the scene of a blaze.

Written by Gina Roberts-Grey Why did Jack kill himself? When our kids are little, it seems the sea of “why” questions will never end.

Words hurt. Just ask Rachel Jeantel or Marion Bartoli. Who? Let me explain. Rachel Jeantel is the young black woman who was a key witness in the Travon Martin murder case.

  Even well-intentioned compliments can backfire.

When I was starting college, my father gave me a computer he'd picked up at a yard sale. It was old, even at the time, but it changed my life.

I will never forget letting go of my then-toddler daughter’s chubby hand to pick up a gorgeous Barbie doll at a toy store.

She came out singing, smiling, holding her head high. Like everyone else around her she was dressed in black, rocking and clapping as she walked.

Guest blogger Jay Asher, author of the young adult novel Thirteen Reasons Why, on how to respond when someone who’s been bullied reaches out to you.

Break-ups. Friendship falling outs. Getting passed over for a promotion.

Family Circle's Editor-in-Chief, Linda Fears, visits the Today show to discuss whether children should be rewarded solely for participation and not for talent, effort, or ability.

Teen parenting expert Rosalind Wiseman on helping kids who've physically developed early maintain age-appropriate experiences.