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Sex Talk

What you need to know about teen and tween sex and relationships -- including how to have the dreaded "sex talk."

Celebrity provocateur Kim Kardashian hoped to create an earth-shattering event when she posed for naked pictures in an attempt to #BreakTheInternet.

Sometimes you take your teachable moments where you can get them — even at the grocery store checkout.

Sexually explicit photos, videos, chats and more—never has so much raunchy material been so readily available. But by staying alert and connected, you can help shield your kids from cyberporn.

Rejection isn't easy at any age, especially for teenagers. But if you help your kids overcome it, they'll learn important coping skills for the future.

Teen parenting expert Rosalind Wiseman on helping kids who've physically developed early maintain age-appropriate experiences.

Teen parenting expert Rosalind Wiseman on considerations when deciding whether to let your teenager attend a boy-girl sleepover.

Teen parenting expert Rosalind Wiseman on talking with your teenager about the meaning (and possible outcome) of pricey presents.

Teen parenting expert Rosalind Wiseman on whether to discuss rumors about a child's sexual experience with her family.

Teen parenting expert Rosalind Wiseman on how to react when your grandson's best friend keeps him from socializing with others.

Few topics arouse more controversy on, Family Circle's social network, than teen pregnancy.

The sexual pressure on today's kids (from peers, pop culture, and their own raging hormones) can be intense.

Talking your kids through tempting situations in advance can prepare them to make the right decisions when the time comes.

Teen parenting expert Rosalind Wiseman on the next steps you should take after discovering your 15-year-old daughter is sexually active.

Talking with your kids about sex, relationships, and values is awkward, confusing, and difficult. And it's okay if you don't feel ready.

When did 7 become the new 16? For today's young girls, the pressure to look and act hot is greater than ever. Here's help cooling things down.

Everywhere you look, kids are dressing and acting like adults. Here's how you can slow them down.