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Modern Love: Talking to Your Teen About Sex & Relationships

Quick Study

To be sure you're giving your kids the best info, ask yourself:

Am I covering all the right topics? Have you talked about biology but left out contraception? What about dating? "It's not enough just to tell your kids what you think," says Sarah Brown. "It's even more important to say why." Kids need to understand your reasoning so they can learn to figure things out on their own.

What will I say if my child asks me about my sex life? Answer with the simple truth: "Some things are private, but I'd be glad to talk about why you're interested."

What if I don't know the answer or say the wrong thing? Just admit your ignorance and offer to find the information for them or help them find it. Kids respect honesty. Plus, giving them inaccurate information damages your credibility. If you didn't say what you meant to, circle back and say, "I was thinking about our conversation and realized what I meant to say was...."