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Your Biggest Back-to-School Questions, Answered

Homework hassles. Clothing wars. Scheduling conflicts. Sending kids back to school can mean major drama, say our readers. Calm the chaos with our smart strategies.

By Gay Norton Edelman

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Friendless boy
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Q. We just moved and my 15-year-old has no interest in making new friends, though he keeps in touch with old pals. I worry he has no one here.

A. Before you get too upset, be glad he's keeping those past connections alive. "Children need lasting friendships," says Ellen Galinsky, author of Mind in the Making (HarperCollins). "They're a marker for long-term happiness and success." Nudge him to join a club, take a class or volunteer for a cause he's passionate about. "He's probably overwhelmed," says Dr. Taylor. "Simplify the process for him by saying, 'All you need to do is find one friend.'"

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