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It's back-to-school shopping time! Check out our picks for the hottest clothing, backpacks and other supplies.

Create the perfect study spot for your student with these fun and functional accessories.

Send your kids off to their first day armed with fun and functional gear that'll inspire them to hit the books.

Send your teens off to college with our favorite finds.

From classic knapsacks to unique lunch bags, we've rounded up our favorite affordable options so you can send your kid back to school in style.

Today's students are going high-tech with gadgets like E-readers, tablets, smartphones and more. Here's our guide to smart tech shopping for your kids.

Cool back-to-school clothes, affordably priced. Talk about saved by the bell!

Between books, clothing, supplies, and other gear, the start of a new academic year can be hard on your wallet.

Marble composition books? Yellow #2 pencils? Please. Fill your kids' backpacks with stylish (and affordable) gear that goes way beyond the standards of your youth.

School's back in session and so are special deals for students and teachers. (Most discounts require an ID card or a valid .edu email address as proof.)

Get your kids back-to-school ready with these awesome (and affordable) backpacks, messenger bags and lunch totes.

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To lighten your child's backpack load, follow these tips.

Our back-to-school survival guide to shopping with kids saves you money and avoids squabbles.