Insider: Chrome Color Block Nails

Beauty Insider: Chrome Color Block Nails

How to create chrome color block nails: one of the hottest new mani trends.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Dori Katz, Senior Beauty Editor at Family Circle Magazine. Today we are gonna show you one of the hottest new nail trends, chrome color blocking. You can really use any metallic and any pastel shade. We chose to work with yellow and gold, wich is fun, bold, and great for summer. To get this look, first apply two coats of yellow, or whatever pastel you choose, all over nails. Then take a striper brush, which is a really thin nail brush, and draw a diagonal line across the nail using your metallic. Take that metallic We chose fourth, and fill in that section with two coats. And there you have it, chrome color blocking in two steps. [MUSIC]