to Apply Fake Lashes

How to Apply Fake Lashes

Learn how to apply fake eyelashes in just a few minutes using these easy tips from Family Circle beauty editor Dori Katz.

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-Hi, I'm Dori Katz, the beauty editor of Family Circle Magazine. I love the look of big, bold lashes, but I always have trouble applying the fake ones myself. Not anymore. Makeup artist Viktorija Bowers shared her best tips with me for the perfect application every time. Lashes should be applied last once you are finished with your other eye makeup. -This way, no fallout from powder, eye shadows will end up on your lashes. You want to use individual lashes as opposed to strips. They are more natural and stay on better. Strips tend to unhinge at the corners. Now, let's get started. Using tweezers, get the end of the lash into a small amount of eyelash glue, getting just a drop at the end of the eyelash. Place the lashes on your lash line as close as possible to your natural lashes. Release lash from tweezers and give it a little tap with your finger to push the lash and glue into place. You can add just a few lashes on the outside corner or fill your entire lash line for a more dramatic look. How many you use is up to you and the look that you're trying to achieve. Remember, it's about balance. If you're doing a smokey eye with lashes, keep your lips neutral, but if you're using lashes just to accent your eyes, you can still wear a bold lip and there you have it. Lush lashes in a snap.