Perfect Blow Out for Your Hair

The Perfect Blow Out for Your Hair

Expert tips for executing the perfect blow out and ending bad hair days.

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Hi, I'm Linda Moran Evans, the beauty director of Family Circle magazine. Celebrity hairstylist, Jeanie Syfu, makes our models look picture perfect time after time for our fashion and beauty shoots. Today, we're gonna take you behind the scenes to share some of her best kept secrets on a perfect blowout. Always start with a styling product that will help keep the shape and the body that you want or else your hair will fall flat or get very frizzy. I like a mousse for my coarse hair to add more volume at the crown of my head. Otherwise, I'll use a texturizer for a more piecy style. Choosing the right brush is critical. We like a round brush that combines of boar and nylon bristles to smooth the cuticle and create volume. The final stage, when hair is completely dry, seal your ends with a silicone serum, and we promise you'll have no more bad hair days.