to Chop an Onion

How to Chop an Onion

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-Hi, I??m Julie Miltenberger, welcome to Family Circle??s Kitchen Basics. Today, we??re gonna show how to chop an onion perfectly every time, but first I??ll show you 3 ways to keep from crying while you??re chopping that onion. Most importantly, when you??re at the store, you wanna pick onions that are fresh and smooth, blemish free, and that the root end and the stem end should not be dry. Secondly, you can refrigerate your onions or even pop them in the freezer for about 15 or 20 minutes before you start slicing and then lastly you wanna have a sharp knife because, otherwise, you knife is gonna bruise the onion rather than cutting plainly through every layer. Okay, so we??ll start with cut off the stem end and the root end of the onion. Next, you??re gonna tilt it up on one of those cut sides and cut straight down through the onion. Then, you??re gonna peel off the papery outer layers and just cut. -And it??s okay if you get an extra like small layer along with it. You??re not sacrificing too much flavor. Then, you??re gonna place one of the halves, rounded side up on the cutting board, put your hand, palm down parallel with the cutting board and you??re gonna make 2 slices into the onion. Next, you??re gonna have your hand into a clock and cut straight down through the onion towards the cutting board. Then, you??re gonna rotate with your knife following the curve of the onion. Just cut straight down creating uniform pieces that will cook evenly every time. Thanks so much for joining us here today on Family Circle??s Kitchen Basics.