to Sear a Steak

How to Sear a Steak

Searing is a crucial step in cooking steak. It creates a caramelized crust that seals in juices. Here, Family Circle food editor Julie Miltenberger walks you through the process.

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-Hi, I??m Julie Miltenberger, food editor Family Circle Magazine. Welcome to Family Circle??s kitchen basics. Today, I??m gonna show you how to sear a steak. I have 1-inch sirloin that I??ve let rest at room temperature on a cutting board for about an hour and you do to that to make sure that the stake won??t be cold in the center when you??re ready to sear it. So, first, we??re gonna season it with salt and pepper while our oil heats up in a stainless steel skillet. We want that over about medium high to high heat. So, we make sure we get a really nice brown frost on the outside of the steak to sear in all the juices. That??s about a tablespoon or so of vegetable oil. So, then we??re just gonna season steak with salt and pepper on both sides, and then we??re just gonna wait for our oil to start to shimmer on the pan. So, you??ll be able to see like little waves almost in the oil when it??s ready. You don??t want it so hot that it??s smoking, but it should have some action going on. The oil should be kind of moving around on its own. So, then we??re gonna add the steak and we??re gonna sear it on one side for 3 minutes. So, after 3 minutes, you??re just gonna take your tongs and flip it over and you??ll see that it??s made really nice brown markings no your steak. We??re gonna wait another 3 minutes. If your steak was a little thicker, you??d want to finish at 325 in the oven. We??re gonna let this rest for about 5 minutes. If you don??t have a thermometer, we got an easy way for you to test how done your steak is on the inside. What you??re gonna do is you??re gonna hold your index finger up against your thumb and you??re gonna gently press on the pad of your hand. Where you thumb and your index finger are that??s rare. You second finger is medium rare. Your ring finger is medium, and your pinky is well done. So you can now just test right into the middle of your steak and feel how that feels and this, we??re right on the medium rare. Thanks so much for joining me today on Family Circles Kitchen Basics. This is how you sear your steak.