To Carve A Turkey

How To Carve A Turkey

It's easy to cave a turkey perfectly, every time. Watch this step-by-step how-to video from Family Circle Magazine's Kitchen Basics.

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-Hello everyone. I'm Michael Tyrrell, associate food editor. Welcome to Family Circle's Kitchen Basics. Today, I'm gonna show you how to carve a turkey not only for Thanksgiving but for any day of the year. All you need to properly carve a turkey is an 8-inch carving knife and a large cutting board. Insert the knife between the breast bone and one side of the breast. Cut down, gently pulling away from the bone. Slice across the bottom of the breast separating breast meat from thigh meat. Remove breast half. Transfer to a platter. Fold the drumstick forward and cut through the joint where the bones separate. Cut thigh meat away from the body. You may wanna flip the turkey over. Bend the hip joint as in the drumstick and separate from the body. Transfer the breast beast back to the cutting board. Slice the breast meat against the grain and fan out to the platter. Remove the center bone from the thigh and slice the dark meat crosswise into pieces. And that's how you carve a turkey. Thank you for joining us today on Family Circle's Kitchen Basics.