to Make Piecrust

How to Make Piecrust

In this Kitchen Basics video, Family Circle food editor Julie Miltenberger demonstrates how to make the perfect piecrust.

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Hi, I'm Julie Miltonberger, executive food editor, and welcome to Family Circle Kitchen Basics. Today, we'll be making homemade pie crust from scratch. We start with equal parts shortening and butter cut into small pieces. Add these pieces to a mixture of flour, sugar, and salt and cut them in with a pastry blender. Next, we add 3 tablespoons of iced water to the mixture. Mix the iced water in with a fork and then gather the dough together in a bowl. Then you're gonna flatten it into a disk wrap it in plastic and refrigerate for about 30 minutes. On a lightly floured surface, roll dough to a 13-inch circle adding more flour as needed. If the dough begins to stick to the countertop, loosen it with a spatula. I like to sprinkle the flour on the top of the dough and then flip it over and roll it out. If you don't have a roller in the kitchen, you can always invert the pie plate over the dough to check out how you're doing. You want about half inch, two an inch of clearance around the edge of the pie plate so that you know you're gonna form enough edge to fill the plate. Roll the dough on to the rolling pin. This keeps it from stretching or pulling and then unroll it into the pie plate gently fitting it in with your fingertips once it's in place. Fold the outside of the crust under itself to form a standup edge and that's how you make a pie crust. I'm Julie Miltonberger and thanks for joining us today on Family Circle's Kitchen Basics.