to Make Chocolate Covered Pretzels

How to Make Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Watch step-by-step instructions for creating chocolate covered pretzels.

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-Hi, this is Regina Ragone, food director for Family Circle Magazine,and this is In the Kitchen with Regina. Kids love pretzels especially pretzels that are dipped in chocolate and covered with candy. You really can't go wrong with these sweet and salty treat, which are so fun for kids to help decorate. In fact, it's the perfect activity to do with your kids on family circles, family night-in which kicks off Saturday, November 6th. I recommend that mom or dad do the dipping, which is the messier part. And I love [unk] pretzels because they're so many varieties and they're really easy to use and they let kids get creative by rolling pretzels in sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, mini M&Ms, toffee bits, or crushed cookies. It's really colorful and a lot of fun. So, after you've melt the chocolate in the microwave, you take a pretzel rod and you just kind of paint the chocolate on there and let it slide off and then this is where you can let the kids kind of pitch in and just roll them in the sprinkles or whatever you like and then let it sit there for a few minutes just so it dries right on there. I hope you have a lot of fun making these with your kids on family night-in. This has been In the Kitchen with Regina.