Hair Extensions

Watch Family Circle's beauty editor, Dori Katz, get hair extensions at the Warren-Tricomi salon in New York City.

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-Ever wonder how celebs get those gorgeous flowing looks. -People feel that, you know, they're so perfect. They're not. They're just like us. Some of them need extensions, some of them are don't, but for the most part a lot of them wear extensions. -But more and more real girls are rocking extensions these days like Dori Katz beauty editor for Family Circle Magazine and extension enthusiast. I normally have really dying of a long hair. I blow dry it. I style it, but never get to that fullness that I have now. -We followed Dori at her appointment at the Warren Tricomi Salon in New York City to see how they work with the help of stylist Marc Mena. -With market so huge with hair extensions. Now, we have clip on extensions, which is like the basic clip on extension that you can get basically anywhere. We have protein keratin bond extension. Now, we have this tape extension that is maybe like [unk] and then we also have your traditional extension, weft extension that is so long for your hair. -Marc is putting great lengths, strips of natural hair that will be bonded to Dori's hair with cold fusion. -What we just do now is we section the hair off into straight line to create individual sections for each individual bond. So, what I'm putting in her hair is plastic shield kind of give you direction on where the bond will go. Using the protein bond and the machine that I'm using is a cold fusion machine, but there's no heat involved, and that's it, easy as that. -The extensions are in, but the process isn't quite over yet. A good stylist won't let you leave the salon until they blended the extension for a naturally glamorous look. -You don't wanna looking choppy or like bad extension. We even [unk] link. We still want her hair to look thicker, and this part I'm just cutting it to her link. There's not really much of a distinct difference on what's her hair and what's the extension. -Now, for a little styling. -Styling process is easy if you have more hair, the hair texture is beautiful, it's shiny and it holds curls. You can use a curling iron or flat iron. The only thing that I would recommend you stay way from product with sulfate and silicone. -But good extensions like Dori's don't come cheap. -There's no way to get around the back that it's a very extensive process, but if you could finance this and all that, you would care of something like that. -Extension can also be itchy and sometimes strands fall out. -Extensions are hair. They fall out, and a few are gonna fallout anytime you have them. -Still Dori says, "The pros outweigh the cons." -And that your hair gives confidence and makes you feel better and having these, I can achieve that fullness in volume that I want with my natural hair just doesn't have the ability to get up on its own.