Hair Treatment: Before and After

Keratin Hair Treatment: Before and After

Darcy Jacobs, Family Circle's executive editor, gets a Keratin treatment to defrizz her curly hair at Christo NYC.

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-We all have good hair day and bad one. Let's say that hair can be unpredictable especially if you have a head full of curls like Family Circle Magazine Executive Editor Darcy Jacobs. -It changes day to day. People might say, "Oh, did you get a haircut?" I'll be like, "No, it's the weather." Some days it looks great, some days it doesn't look so great. -So what the curly girls do? Darcy is turning to Christo, owner of Christo Salon in New York City for a customized Keratin Treatment. -They call this a Keratin Treatment, it's an organic treatment that takes out the frizziness, the finest from the hair, make sure a curl to look nice and loose. -The process begins with a good shampoo. -We use like something called Aqualizer Shampoo. This is like a clarifying shampoo. -Christo and master designer, Alice, applied the treatment to the hair in sections and comb it through to make sure it covers every stand. They covered Darcy's hair with plastic wrap, before putting it under a dryer for about 10 minutes. -Then, putting it back to the sink, rinse it off for consistent for 4 to 5 minutes without using any shampoo or conditioners to the hair. -Then it's back to the chair where Christo and Alice apply a neutralizer. -Which is like a stabilizer, you know, so to keep the hair nice and smooth and this really works to seal. -They let Darcy's hair process for another 10 minutes before rinsing it again and applying a natural color match. -We're just gonna infuse a lot of natural keratin here since the mass is like full of keratin complex in it. So that helps to bring a lot of moist and conditions back to the [unk]. -One final rinse and Darcy's hair is ready to style. -You should have the freedom to style your hair the way you want it. The Keratin Treatment will loose up a little bit of your curl and makes it a lot easier. You don't have to apply so much style and products in your hair because it will be easier in your routine everyday. So, I think that at last hope you are confident to style the hair better. -Now, for the moment of truth. -Oh, I think it was great. I thought a new retrospect and yes so seeing it, it looks even better than I expected. Christo and the treatment evened out my curls so that they're more aligned. I know, I'm not gonna have that whole tangle when I wake up in the morning. With it being that much softer, I know my hair is not gonna be so, you know, weather dependent. It's gonna just depends on how I take care of it. -But you don't have to have curly hair to benefit from a Keratin Treatment. The treatment is designed to smooth the hair. So even girls with straight hair who suffer from frizz when humidity rises, they have weak loss in any weather. -This treatment can also be a benefit to people, they have straight hair but they're hair frizz because maybe they have too much color in their hair. Either bleaching too much or coloring too much, you know, so this treatment can be in a lower time on the hair like less time only. So, it can take out just the frizz and make the hair to become silkier and shinier. -Many salons offer Keratin Treatment but before you, make sure you know what you're paying for. -There are products out there, they're just pure chemicals. I would say, you know, research a little bit before you do any chemical process. -Because after all-- -Your hair is your number one accessory, you should have the freedom to wear it anyway you want it.