Summer Flower Arrangements

Late Summer Flower Arrangements

Designer Livia Cetti shows you how to arrange your late summer flowers in three different containers.

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In this instance, you wanna kind clean the stems. The less debris in the water, the better. It can create bacteria that cause the flowers to die quicker. This is a really easy shape to design in jar shape. You can put one stem or 20 stems and everything behaves pretty well. We're trying to create something that looks like you really just grab that of appeal including the grasses and the different types of flowers. I've chosen my two star flowers to put frontally and I just have this one resting right on the left of the vessel, lots of different textures and scales of flowers. I think it really makes it look like wildflower. I'm gonna cluster some grass together. Okay, I think that that's good. This is a wider mouth so I kind of like to get something in there for some structure so your flowers don't pop out. So I've used some of the greens and I'm trying to put things in so that they balance each other. I always look at each flowers, I put it in if there's any molds or bruised or dead flower, I usually just take that off. I think the big part of flower arranging is looking at the flowers, seeing which direction they face. Always break your materials into the right size piece to fit in your vessel. Once you have a structure, then you can kinda come in and put taller flowers in 'cause they'll be held in place and I like grouping a couple of flowers together like a couple pink sweet peas together, it looks more natural. I like to use herbs too 'cause it gives in a nice savory scent. We have kind of a tower vase and again I'm kind of just looking at each stem and trimming it so that it fits. The flowers start a couple of inches over the look of the vase. I'm pruning any extra leaves off. And I just want the flowers kind of lay down and rest on the edges of vase and create a natural shape. There was a kind of a wild sweet pea, then I have a pretty spare rose here looking at the shape of the flower when you arrange, try to optimize its best angle I guess. I would like to take the thorns of the roses 'cause when you're inserting it into the vase, the thorn sometimes gets stuck on other stems and can make it difficult if you wanna take it out or reposition it. I wanna bring a little bit more color in. And then after you've got your structure and you can kinda come with a longer stem. The Scabiosa will give a little something interesting in the middle of the arrangement but I wanna put them next to each other, similar to how it would grow in nature. [unk]. Okay.