to Make Halloween Cake Pops

How to Make Halloween Cake Pops

Follow our step-by-step directions to learn how to make your own Halloween cake pops at home.

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-Hi, I'm Melissa Knific, assistant food editor for Family Circle, and today, we're making cake pops with one of our favorite bakers, Karen Tack. She's going to show us how easy and adorable they are with her Jack-O-Lantern pop. -So, to make the cake pops, you start with your cake and just break it into pieces and you simply crumble the cakes and I'm just rubbing two pieces together to make small crumbs. Stir in your frosting. Pour a box of cake mix, 18.25 ounces. You're basically using about three quarters of a can of prepared frosting. And you're ready to roll it into balls. About one-and-a-half-inch balls. You don't wanna press too hard just that they're nice and smooth and you just place them on a prepared sheet pan lined with wax paper and pop them in the fridge. Use candy melts to cover the cake balls. You can melt them in the microwave. So I just go in every once in a while and give it a stir and I'm adding a little bit of vegetable shortening because that will help make the candy melt a little thinner, so it won't be as thick when on dipping the cake balls. It takes about a minute. I mean, this is more than a full package, so I always check. I never just walk away from the microwave. You always wanna go in, give it a stir, because a lot of microwaves have hot spots and you don't wanna burn your candy. So, you can see I don't have any more lumps in there, nice and smooth, and it's not too-- too hot and we're ready to dip our stems in. So, these were in the freezer. We rolled the cake balls into-- -Yes. -about one-and-a-half-inch balls. They're not completely frozen. I've got my melted candy and my lollipop sticks. What I'm simply doing, dipping about a half an inch into the melted candy and then inserting into the base of each cake balls. That will set up and will help hold the ball onto the stick and you can buy lollipop sticks at some grocery stores, but you can get them at the craft store in all different length. These are 8-inch length. So, these were put back into the freezer for about 10 minutes. They're not completely frozen solid, but to ensure not losing our cake ball in the melted candy, so again, go right up to the stick, let the excess come off and you can lightly tap them. While the candy is still wet, you can add the stem. In this case, we're using the green tick tack and just placing that on top and then when it sets, you have your little stem on there. And these are cute just like this, but of course, we're gonna make them cuter by adding the faces. I'm using the paintbrush to put the faces on the cake pops. You can use the food writers, the edible markers, but just for a more intense color, I'm using the black food coloring. -This recipe is from Bakerella's Cake Pop book. Tips, tricks, and recipes from more than 40 irresistible mini treats by Angie Dudley. Cake pops aren't just for Halloween. You can create them for any occasion- think birthdays, Christmas, even wedding.