To Organize the Hall Closet

How To Organize the Hall Closet

Packed with coats, hats, and bags, the hall closet can be a jumbled mess. Learn to declutter and organize the layout to make finding things a breeze.

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-When you've got limited closet space and lots of stuff, every inch counts. Here's how we made the most out of one family's closet. The problem? Between everyone's coats, bags, and shoes, this catch-all area is a jumbled mess. The solution? Set up your closet so that there's a place for everything. Start by adjusting the height of the shelves if they're too close together to fit things in easily. If possible, install hooks for backpacks, coats, and lightly jackets, so they can be grabbed quickly as you're going out the door. Make sure your main hanging bar leaves at least a foot of space for shoes to be stashed underneath coats. Bring in baskets for small gear and out-of-season items and utilize the highest shelves when they're out of season. And that's how you organize the whole closet. For more tips, visit