Maxi Dresses

Have you caught on to the maxi dress trend yet? If not, now's the time—we'll show you how to rock this chic 70s look.

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-If you haven't got the maxi dress yet this summer, it's time to buy it right now. It is the dress, long, easy to wear, covers everything, very comfy, and you're totally in. It's really return to 70s, that free willing attitude. We have got the looks here for you and we're gonna show you how to wear them. This long cashmere, handkerchief layer dress is the perfect dress of summer. It's flowy. It's easy greasy, easy going. We paired this long dress with full statement jewelry to complete the look of the dress, but not you can beat the hip. We are at these jumbo sized hoops and they evolved on that to make a statement. We also added this super sized cut made of hammered silver and we come to this incredible wedge shoes that are so fun and colorful, and this is the type of shoe that you can wear with a long dress. They are really comfortable. They can take you some place playful and that's what we wanted to do with this dress. The jumpsuit makes a beacon turn this summer. It's very 21st century and it's much easier to wear than you would think. We added this big flower at the shoulder to contrast with the deep purple of the jumpsuit, and it adds that little extra sash at the shoulder, and then on the arm, we added a feather kind of bangle that balances that big flower on the one shoulder with the other side of the body. In keeping with this kind of back and forth through 70s and 21st century style, we're going to smoky eye with this beautiful Pearlescent Lip. The lip is very soft. The eye is very strong, and it's important to accentuate one feature, not both features at the same time. At the waist, we added a golden wrap felt for touch of elegance and the golden wedge shoes pick up on the belt and complete the look. This dress we love. We call it fiesta wear. It's the return to Bauhaus style. It's very free flowing, free willing, floaty dress. So, we added wonderful accessories that go along with that whole hippie style. The hoop earrings once again, and we also stacked up the bangles. You can have enough per the rules for bangles and stack as many as you want, but the rule of thumb is to keep them on one side or the other. Don't stack both arms up. You can wear a small bracelet on the other or a watch or whatever you wanna put on, but stack those bangles all one side and all different kinds, just have fun with it. We added up black Strappy wedge shoe. The wedge gives that height and it's very comfortable. With this Maxi style dress and these bold accessories, it's simple to get ready and easy to go and it will take you to any part that you wanna go to his summe.