To Declutter The Kitchen

How To Declutter The Kitchen

The problem: the kitchen is a dumping ground for everyone's stuff. The solution: make a place for everythingto live.

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-In the kitchen, organized cabinets and countertops are a must. The problem? The spot becomes a dumping ground for everyone's stuff. The solution? Give everything a home. First, get everything off the counter that doesn't need to be there. Clear out the lower cabinet or two and store them there and toss anything that's broken. Dedicate a small area on the counter to a couple of canvass trays for things that you've set down on your way in and out of the house like phones, keys and iPads. Round up all your cookbooks and put them on one shelf that you can easily grab from when cooking. Try color coordinating your cookware and mixing bowls if you have open shelving. It'll make a huge difference visually. Don't waste shelf space on photos, notes and A+ plus papers. Install a memo strip inside the cabinet around your back splash where they can be rotated in and out as you like. And that's how you keep your kitchen clutter-free. For more tips, visit