to Add Bathroom Storage

How to Add Bathroom Storage

Keeping the bathroom organized and clutter-free can be easy when you find the right storage items.

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-The bathroom is a high traffic area that needs to accommodate everyone's stuff. Here are some tips for keeping it tidy. The problem here is that there's no vanity/medicine cabinet or closet and that means, no storage. The solution, add free standing cabinets and a shower caddy. Look for a modular set that's actually different pieces as you can arrange in any configuration and add on to. Clear glass doors make it easy to see what's inside while a solid front hides things you'd rather not have on display. Treat the area like a free-standing linen closet. Fold and roll towels keeping in mind we only need two towels per person in the bathroom. The rest can be stored elsewhere. When shopping for a shower caddy, look for one with enough shelves and hooks for shampoos and soaps and the rest of your essentials. Get rid of those empty bottles and give each family member their own little area in the caddy. And that's how you organize a bathroom. For more tips, visit