to Select, Peel and Pit an Avocado

How to Select, Peel and Pit an Avocado

Learn how to select, peel and pit an avocado in this step-by-step how-to Kitchen Basics video.

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-Welcome to Family Circle's Kitchen Basics. How often do you get home from the store and find out that the avocado you picked is either over or under ripe? Today, I'll show you how to select, pith, and peel an avocado. Selecting avocados can sometimes be tricky. Unless you wanna eat them right away, it's better to pick them while they're still slightly firm. So, they should be bright green in color, shiny with a pebbled texture, and as I said firm to the touch like this one. Once you get home, you should ripen the avocados on the counter for 3 to 4 days. Test ripeness by holding the fruit in your hand. Gently press with your thumb on the stem end. The fruit should yield to gentle pressure. Starting at the stem end, slice into the avocado until your knife meets the pith then carefully cut all the way around. Grab each half of the avocado in a hand and twist in opposite directions to separate. Hold the half with the pith in your nondominant hand and carefully tap the pith with your knife. Twist the knife and the avocado half in opposite directions, pulling knife and pith out of the fruit. Discard the pith. Now, either slice the flesh or cut in a crosshatched pattern and then use a large serving spoon to scoop the flesh from the peel and that's how you select, pith, and peel an avocado. I'm Julie Miltenberger and thanks for joining us today on Family Circle's Kitchen Basics.