to Clean Shrimp

How to Clean Shrimp

Learn how to clean and devein shrimp in this step-by-step how-to Kitchen Basics video.

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-Do you like shrimp but afraid it's too expensive? Well, today, we're gonna show you how to clean your own shrimps so you can save money and still enjoy it. First, stop by peeling the shell off. Grasp the leg attached to the shell and pull back. There are 2 veins that we need to remove from the shrimp; a larger one that runs along the top and a smaller one on the underside. Butterfly the shrimp by making an incision along the length of the top. This cut will expose the vein and then we can use the tip of a paring knife to get it out. The vein underneath is usually visible. Simply pull the tip of the knife underneath it and it should come right out. After you remove the vein, rinse your shrimp quickly under cold water to make sure that they are completely cleaned before cooking and that's how you clean shrimp. I'm Regina Ragone of Family Circle's Kitchen Basics.