Glowing Skin for Summer: How to Highlight Your Tan

Get Glowing Skin for Summer: How to Highlight Your Tan

We'll show you how to look stunning by applying highlighter and illuminizer to emphasize your tan.

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Summer is the time where we want to glow. And this summer, we're gonna give you some very easy glow tips to get you glowing. After you applied your bronzer, we want to highlight certain areas of the body that have that little extra glow that's kinda like where the sun naturally hits your face or the high plains of like your collar bones or your certain parts of your legs. You can find highlighters and luminizers in drugstores. They are sold right where the products of bronzers are sold. So, look for the word highlighter and luminizer and it'll be easy for you to get these products too to place where we're gonna tell you to put them. Here are the top spots to emphasize. The top of the cheekbones and out to the outer part of the eye and then bridge of the nose, the bow of the lip and also the brow bone. Now, mentioned that brow bone, you can actually take some shimmery eyeshadow in champagne or a little bit of golf and just touch it up here and it will give you that little extra, extra pop. And make sure to blend, that's really key in all these different areas. Then we go below the neck. Don't forget the collar bone, the top shoulders to give you this beautiful, beautiful glow. And then you go down the rest of the body to the top of the thigh bone and you go down the thigh bone, then on down through the shin, right on the top of the bone, all the way to the ankle and blend the top of the feet, so there's no obvious lines. That's it. You're ready to glow. It's easy.