to Make Chocolate Almond Bread

How to Make Chocolate Almond Bread

Learn how to make chocolate almond bread from scratch by watching this step-by-step baking video with Family Circle senior food editor Julie Miltenberger.

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-Hi, I'm Julie Miltenberger, senior food editor at Family Circle Magazine, and today, we'll be making chocolate almond bread which is perfect for the holidays or really anytime you'd like a sweet bread around the house. First, we're gonna make the dough, and by that, we're gonna start with a small saucepan. We've combined a three-quarter cup water, a half a stick of butter, and 1 teaspoon of sugar. And you're really just gonna heat that until the butter melts. And, then, you're gonna remove it from the heat and take a temperature. You want the temperature to be between 110 and 115. So, we're all set to transfer this to a large bowl. And we're gonna add one envelope of active dry yeast. And that's gonna need to sit for about five minutes, what's called proofing, and you'll see the yeast is gonna get super foamy, and then, you'll be ready to go and continue making the dough. We're gonna mix in two eggs, four tablespoons of sugar, and a cup of all-purpose flour. So, we just whisk this together until it's smooth, and then, we're gonna whisk in one more cup, and then, we're gonna stir in one and a half cups more of all-purpose flour. Now, your dough is almost ready to turn it out and start to knead it on a countertop. So, we're just gonna sprinkle a little bit of the half cup onto the counter, and then, damp our dough. And now, we're just gonna start to knead the dough. So, after you've kneaded for 10 minutes, you're gonna transfer it to a lightly sprayed bowl and you're gonna put it in and then just turn it over so that the whole dough gets coated with the spray so it has nice, you know, film on there. And then, you're going to cover it with a clean dish towel or even plastic wrap and then let it rise for an hour and 15 minutes in a slightly warm place away from drafts. So, while our dough is rising, we're gonna put together the filling and that involves one tube, which is seven ounces of almond paste and we've just crumbled that into a small saucepan, and we're adding three-quarters cup of a semisweet chocolate chips and then a quarter-cup of heavy cream. We're just gonna heat that on low to medium low until it's smooth. So, once most of the chips have melted, you can go ahead and turn it off and then adding one teaspoon of vanilla extract. And you're gonna want this just to cool a little bit so it's not too hot when it hits the cold dough. So, now that our dough has risen for an hour and 15 minutes, we're gonna go ahead and uncover it and you'll be able to see that it's, you know, risen to almost double in size. So, now, we're just gonna punch down the dough and then let it rest for about 10 minutes. So, we're just gonna divide this dough in half and roll half out to a 10 x 14-inch rectangle. So, now that our filling has cooled a little bit, we're just gonna put it right there in the center, and then, you're just gonna spread it out. All right, so, we've got a filling on there, spread out to within 1 inch of that border and we're gonna roll this up. And pretty straightforward, we're gonna start at the long end and we're just gonna roll up to enclose the filling. So, then, anywhere you have a seam, you're just gonna pinch it together. Then, you fold the ends under so that the seams kind of line up so when you transfer this to your baking sheet, everything is underneath. Next, you're just gonna take a sharp knife and make slash marks across the top and you're gonna expose that first layer of the chocolate filling and then you're going to see the filling in between each one of these cuts. Next up, you're just gonna repeat that same process for the second half of the dough and the second half of the filling. So, now that we have assembled both loaves, what we wanna do is cover them with plastic wrap and let them rise at room temperature for 45 minutes, and then, we're gonna pop them into a 375-degree oven for 25 minutes. Now that we baked for 25 minutes, we're gonna go ahead and just hold these on out and leave them on the pan and let them cool for about 15 minutes or so before we slice into them. All right, so, now, we're ready to slice and cut it just kind of into a diagonal slice and then you can see the spiral and I like to just then spread these slices out onto a plate for everybody to enjoy.