To Grill Vegetables

How To Grill Vegetables

Learn how to grill vegetables to tender perfection in this step-by-step how-to Kitchen Basics video.

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Hello everyone. I'm Michael Tyrrell, Associate Food Editor. Welcome to Family Circle Kitchen Basics. Today we're gonna grilled vegetables. We've chosen zucchini, sweet peppers, vidalia onion and asparagus. So for the zucchini, we're gonna take off the ends and then we're gonna cut them into thick slices maybe a quarter of an inch thick. And then we're going to take the pepper and then we're gonna start up the top and we're gonna follow the curve of the pepper and cut downward. I'm gonna get 4 sections and then we're gonna discard the core and the stem. If you'd like too, you can trim out some of the white rind, it's not necessary. And also just trim a little bit off the side so they lay flat. When you are choosing your asparagus look for the---- as thick as spears as you can find so they don't fall off the grid of the grill. It will also extremely easy to prep in that. You just really gonna snap them where they naturally break. Just cut the woody ends. Finally we have sweet onion. So what you wanna do is you wanna cut off both ends then peel the other skin. As you slice them into about quarter inch thick slices. Try to keep them together. I learn this trick from Grill Master Elizabeth Karmel. Rush the food not the grids of the grill. This way, the oil only hits the grill while the vegetables are cooking and not during the heating process. I heated this indoor grill about 5 minutes on medium high and these vegetables should take about 4 or 5 minutes per side. Now you wanna give the other side of a light brush with oil. Now it's time to turn the vegetables. I only use tongs, easy as way to do it. Now these onions get stuck, you might just wanna use a spatula and just gently lift up. It's nice to be able to keep the onions together but sometimes you just can't and these are gonna taste just as good.