to Section an Orange

How to Section an Orange

Learn the best way to section an orange or other citrus fruit in this step-by-step how-to Kitchen Basics video.

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Hi. I'm Regina Ragone, Food Director at Family Circle, and we're here with Kitchen Basics to teach you how to section an orange. To peel the orange for sectioning, the first thing you're gonna do is cut off both ends that it sits flat on the cutting board, and then you're gonna carefully take your knife and go down the sides to make sure you expose your fruit and not get too much of the white pith because that's slightly bitter. Then you're gonna take the orange in the palm of your hand, and you're gonna go in and out between sections so it comes out really nice like that. So you're cutting it away from the membrane. And that's how you section an orange. I'm Regina Ragone, and thanks for joining us today at Family Circle's Kitchen Basics.