to Cut Up A Whole Chicken

How to Cut Up A Whole Chicken

Follow these Step-by-step instructions to cut a whole chicken into wing, thigh, drumstick and breast pieces.

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Hi. I'm Assistant Food Editor, Melissa Knific. And welcome to Family Circle's Kitchen Basics. Today, we'll be cutting up a whole chicken. Make sure your chicken is dry before you cut it. Turning the chicken with the wings away from me, I'm going to pull the leg away from the breasts, and cut through the skin and meat. Once I get through the skin, I want to pop the joint away from the body. Insert the knife and cut down through the joint in one quick motion, separating the whole leg from the body. Turn the leg over so it sits, skin side down. Slice along the fat line, between the thigh and the drumstick. Cut cleanly through the leg joint. Repeat steps with opposite leg and wing as desired. Starting at the pointed end of the breast, slice down through the body cavity toward the thickest part of the breast, separating it from the backbone. Turn breast, skin side down, and split in half along the breastbone. If you want smaller pieces, you can cut each breast in half. And that's how you cut up a whole chicken. I'm Melissa Knific, and thanks for joining me on Family Circle's Kitchen Basics.