More Prom Hair: Bombshell Waves

Pretty Prom Hair: Bombshell Waves

Look great for prom or any formal occasion. Follow these simple steps to style your hair into beautiful bomshell waves.

Thu, 4 Apr 2013|

Let's talk about wearing your hair down at prom. If there is one word my hair loves, it's bombshell. It implies that there has been some kind of an explosion-- better yet, a hair explosion, and you're looking right at it. Here are my simple steps to achieving prom bombshell wave perfection. After deciding where you want your hair parted, you're gonna take a section about the size of this, and start curling a few inches down from the scalp. I always like to start at the top of the section, and work my way down for a more even curl. When I do bombshell waves, I like to curl away from the face rather than towards, for a wind-blown effect. You can just keep the hair in the curling iron until it's heated all the way through. Now that I'm all finished curling, I'm just gonna use a little spray shine and run my hands to the curls to loosen them up. Help. There has been an explosion on the dance floor. Just kidding. That was a prom bombshell.

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