Prom Hair: How To Clip In Hair Extensions

Pretty Prom Hair: How To Clip In Hair Extensions

Look great for prom or any formal occasion.s Follow these simple steps to clip in hair extensions.

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Here's something to consider for prom hair ideas. Well, it may seem like every celebrity naturally has the thickest and longest hair ever, a lot of times it's extensions. It turns out all you have to do is pick up a couple of rows of clip and extensions at a beauty supply and you're on your way to Hollywood hair. Just make sure it matches your hair color and then it's made out of 100% human hair or you won't be able to style it. Starting at the bottom, you're just going to find where your first row is going to go and clip the rest of the hair up. You wanna make sure and make sure the width of the hair extension is the same width of the section that's going to be clipping at it too. Next, you're just going to tease the sections wherever the clip will be so that it has something to grab on to. Make sure it's in there really good so that it doesn't slip out. Repeat with the next section. And at the top section, you just wanna make sure that there's enough hair covering it so you don't see the track. Clip and extensions are a great way to have thick, long hair for the night, whether it's for the red carpet or prom.