Prom Hair: How To Make a Fishtail Chignon

Pretty Prom Hair: How To Make a Fishtail Chignon

Look great for prom or any formal occasion. Follow these steps to style your hair in a fishtail braid chignon.

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When it comes to prom hair, I don't think I could love fishtail braids any more than I already do. Turn them into a chignon, and it's enough to make this updo, leaving girl's heart melt. To get started, you'll just wanna pull your hair up into a low ponytail on the side. You're just gonna wanna do your basic fishtail braid, which is two sections rather than three, and you just take small sections from the outside and cross it over to the other. Once you've secured your fishtail braid with a ponytail holder, you're just going to tug a little bit to make it [unk]. You're just going to wrap it around itself at the base, and pin in place-- making sure the tail of the fishtail is tucked in.