Prom Hair: How To Make Big Curls with a Bow

Pretty Prom Hair: How To Make Big Curls with a Bow

Look great for prom or any formal occasion. Follow these steps to style your hair with big bold curls.

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-When it comes to my favorite things at prom, glitter bows and big hair are right up there with pouffy dresses and lipstick. Combine all four and you'll have to drag me on that dance floor. -You just have to say that you're loving me more everyday. -To get started, I'm just gonna curl my hair with the one inch curling iron. To get a nice even curl, I suggest starting at the roots and feeding the rest of the hair into the curling iron, rather than starting at the bottom and working up. To prevent your curls from falling more, I like to let them set in my hands as they cool. Now, I'm just gonna spray a little beach spray on it for texture. I'm just gonna scrunch the product then a little bit. Next, I'm just gonna shake my hair out. -Call me, call me, you baby, baby. -To create a bow for this look, all you need to do is take a simple piece of craft and ribbon, tie it into a bow and attach a bobby pin to in. Final step is to put the bow in your hair wherever you wanna wear it. It's a do-it-yourself hair accessory fit for a prom queen. [unk] thing.