Prom Hair: How to Make a Zipper Braid with a Big Bun

Pretty Prom Hair: How to Make a Zipper Braid with a Big Bun

Look great for prom or any formal occasion. Follow these steps to make a zipper braid with a big bun hairstyle.

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-I love a good bun at prom. What I love even more is a bun with a zipper braid. Not sure what that is? I'll give you a hint. It starts with a French braid and likely ends with [unk]. Allow me. To get started, you're just gonna tip your head upside down and start a French braid at the base of your neck, moving towards the crown. A French braid is similar to a normal braid except you add a small strand of hair to each outside section before it crosses to the middle. Sometimes I like to cross my sections under rather than over for a different effect. Once you finish off the braid, just secure with an elastic before you do the bun. I'm just gonna do a simple bun now. I'll tease it a little bit to make it fuller. Once you're finished teasing, you're just going to take your ponytail and twist it loosely and wrap it around itself. Finish off with a little hairspray and you're good to go. [unk] is so hot right now.