Prom Hair: How to Make a Teased Ponytail

Pretty Prom Hair: How to Make a Teased Ponytail

Look great for prom or any formal occasion. Follow these simple steps to style your hair in a teased ponytail.

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-Waking up with a song. You're ready for a roam. It's such a good morning. -This prom, forget the naysayers. Sometimes a simple ponytail is all you need to complete your look especially if there's little teasing at the crown first. Let's get started. You're just gonna need a tail comb, a ponytail holder and a couple of pins. To get started, you're just gonna wanna part your hair as desired and tease the crown with a tail comb. Now, just pull your hair up into a ponytail. You can do high, low, or to the side. To finish off this style, I'd like to just take a small section from the ponytail and wrap it around the ponytail holder to cover it. And just pin in place. All I'm saying is when it comes to hair, a little teasing never hurt any pony.