Prom Hair: How To Make A Classic French Twist

Pretty Prom Hair: How To Make A Classic French Twist

Look great for prom or any formal occasion. Follow these simple steps to style your hair in a classic French twist.

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Whether for prom or some other fancy occasion, you can never go wrong with the classic French Twist. Come on, a little hide at the roots, some [unk] of neckline. Talk about glammy. First, you're going to part your hair as desired. And then, you're gonna give yourself a little lift at the root-- in that order. Take sections around the crown, and tease at the tail comb for maximum volume. As always, after teasing, you just wanna smooth it over, so you don't have any mess. Next, you're just gonna gather your hair, as if you would be putting it into a ponytail. Then, wrap it around your thumb a few times. Roll it downwards, and gently pull your thumb out. And secure with a few pins. If you want, you can pull little hairs down around your face, or a little bit of a softer, more youthful look. I'm not gonna, you guys, I'm feeling a little bit like a modern-day Holly Golightly.