to Train a Dog with Kids

How to Train a Dog with Kids

Best dog training tips for kids and adults.

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Children make great dog trainers. They often have more time to spend with the family dog, and they love to play. Just make sure you don't leave your child alone with the family dog, especially if your child is young. You should be on hand, making sure your child and your dog are safe. Your child's age and maturity level will let you know if your child is ready to train your dog. Buy your child a clicker. Clickers can be purchased online or at most pet stores for less than $5. Make sure your child knows the clicker is a dog training tool, not a toy. You will also need a supply of dog treats, which your child will give to his dog as a reward for following each command. If you have more than one child, have them work as a team. Let one operate the clicker, and the other give the dog a treat. Have your child tell the dog a simple command like "sit." Show your child how to place his hand gently on the dog's lower back and have him press very gently so your dog will be in the sit position. Click the clicker as soon as the dog does what you as of him, marking the behavior. Reward the dog with a doggie treat and praise. Say "Good dog." Whenever you click, you must reward with a treat, so the dog understands click equals treat. Have your child repeat this process a number of times before moving on to the next command. The family dog should learn one command at a time. -Good girl. Tell her she was a good girl. -Good girl. -Once your child has the "sit" command down, have him teach your dog other popular commands like stay, come, down, and heel. Getting your child to take an active role in training the family dog will boost your child's confidence and strengthen the child-dog bond.