Big Dogs for Kids

Best Big Dogs for Kids

Find the top big dogs that make the best pets for families with kids.

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For some people, bigger is better. Just make sure you live in a large home before you bring home a big dog. Large wagging tails are a sign of happiness, but a large tail can knock things over. Collies, like the most famous of their breed, Lassie, are incredibly smart and require a lot of attention. They also love being around kids. Elegant and easy-going, the Standard Poodle is known for smarts. This largest of the poodles aims to please, and their hair makes them ideal dogs for families with allergies. Despite their large size, the Bernese Mountain Dog is quite laid back. They're actually a bit standoffish if they don't know you. But once you bond with one, you will have a friend for a long time. Bernese Mountain Dogs even get along with cats. Golden Retrievers are one of the most playful dogs out there. Even as they age, they enjoy playing with children. For a well-trained Golden, you and your family should enroll in dog training classes together. A Newfoundland is a big bear of a dog. This breed requires lots of exercise and daily brushings. But despite their incredibly large size, this breed's temperament is relaxed, making them a great breed for kids.