Big Dogs for Kids 2

Best Big Dogs for Kids 2

Find the top big dogs that make the best pets for families with kids.

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If you're looking to hang with the big dogs, one of these big breeds may strike your fancy. Great Danes are known as gentle giants. Many Great Danes think they're lap dogs. And if you brush their short coats, play with them and give them lots of love, you'll be rewarded with kisses and loyalty. Mastiffs are broader and a bit smaller than Great Danes. They require romps at the dog park and large living quarters. Groom them and play with them on a daily basis, and your child will have a protective companion. Irish Setters are stunning to look at with their shiny red coats. They need affection, daily brushing, and lots of exercise. If your family is active, consider getting an Irish Setter. The popular cousin of the Irish Setter, the English Setter, is also from the British Isle. The English Setter is one of the most popular breeds because of its colorful spots and incredibly gentle nature. Setters love being outdoors and adore kids.