Big Dogs for Kids 3

Best Big Dogs for Kids 3

Find the top big dogs that make the best pets for families with kids.

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Big dogs can mean big fun for families. These breeds make great family dogs. Just make sure you have enough space for them to live and play. German Shepherds are the true definition of loyalty. They're also quite protective of those in their charge. That's why you often see them as police, guard, and military dogs. Their loyalty makes them a top choice for a family dog. Just show them some love and give them plenty of exercise, and you and your children will be rewarded with an over-abundance of love in return. Big and bouncy, English Sheepdogs are great once you train them. Their playfulness can get them into trouble, but training teaches them to be on their best behavior. They're fun-loving, incredibly sweet-tempered, and a bit stubborn. So, you'll probably want a professional trainer for this breed. German Shorthaired Pointers are perfect for families who love spending a lot of time outdoors. If you love to hike, jog, or toss around a Frisbee, this is a great family dog. Train a Labrador Retriever and you'll have a great dog on your hand. Otherwise, they can get into everything. They're great with kids-- probably because children and Labs love to play. Labrador Retrievers are even-tempered and quite athletic. So, if your family loves to get active outdoors, a Lab may be a perfect match.