Small Dogs for Kids

Best Small Dogs for Kids

Find the top small dogs that make the best pets for families with kids.

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Good things do come in small packages. When looking for a small dog for your family, ask yourself if you'd prefer a high-energy dog or one that's more laid back. Pembroke Welsh Corgis enjoy playtime. They're a natural for kids who like to run around. And even with those little legs, they're fast on their feet. They're intelligent and can fit right in with active families as long as they learn the packing order right away. Training will let your Pembroke Welsh Corgi understand he's not the leader of the pack. And a well-trained Corgi will endear himself to your family. Beagles are charming and loyal. And with a bit of training, they can become your kid's best playmate. Their short hair also makes them easy to groom. High-energy Bichon Frisés are happy as long as they are doted on by kids. Also, their hair, not fur, makes them great for families with allergies. They're easy to train and quite smart. Shih Tzu translates to lion. And these small package dogs are incredibly protective. They prefer a quiet lifestyle to an active one. So, if you like sitting around watching a movie, a Shih Tzu will probably sit on your lap. Maltese require loads of love and attention. They adore children. Grooming is a must, but their hair is perfect for those who have allergies.