Dogs for Families 2

Best Dogs for Families 2

Find which dogs are best for a family with kids.

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Whether you're looking for an active dog or a more sedentary companion, one of these breeds is sure to match your family's lifestyle. Portuguese Water Dogs have come into favor since the Obama's got one for the White House. They're friendly and enjoy a lot of play. Plus, they have hair, not fur. So, they're ideal for families with allergies. Consider getting a Boxer if your family leads an active lifestyle. They love running and playing, and are great with kids. They're also incredibly easy-going. Despite their size, Great Danes think they're lap dogs. While they require walks three times a day, they're just as happy cuddling on the couch. If your family lives a more sedentary lifestyle, Great Danes are an excellent choice. [unk] are not on everyone's radar, but they're great family dogs. These sweet and sometimes stubborn dogs need a lot of attention. They're good with other dogs and with children. They just need a lot of exercise to keep them out of trouble. Beagles can be a bit headstrong, but they are always kind and eager to please. Their playfulness can actually be a bit overwhelming. With a bit of training though, a Beagle will learn good manners and become a great family dog.