Holiday Wreath

A pretty herb wreath is easy to assemble and perfect to hang on your kitchen wall this holiday season.

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This fragrant wreath featured on our December issue is a snap to make. Here are the five simple steps. Gather sturdy fragrant herbs such as rosemary, bay leaves and thyme on craft paper. Separate into piles keeping each herb tight together with the stems pointing in the same direction. Begin layering different herbs securing the stems with floral wire and being sure to leave an extra 6 inches of wire at the end. Repeat using the rest of your herbs. Use the excess floral wire to secure one bunch of herbs to the wreath form. Attach a second bunch of herbs overlapping the stem of the previous bunch. Continue around the reform. Arrange the last pile of herbs with stems crisscrossing and fix the bunch at the 12 o'clock position. Tie ribbon around the wreath covering the stems with a final bunch. Hang from a hook or a cabinet handle and enjoy.