Fit with Your Dog

Get Fit with Your Dog

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Staying fit during the coldest months of the year isn't just a human problem, it's one pets deal with too. Celebrity trainer, Gunnar Peterson, designed this indoor workout to keep both you and your pet in leader-of-the-pack shape. Sprint repeats. Starting at one end of the room, briskly walk, run, or skip a third of the way and then turn back. Use a toy to get your animal to follow you. Repeat going half way across the room and back, then move across the entire length of the room and back. Go in reverse to complete a set. Begin with five sets, building up to ten. Squat jumps. Hold your pet's favorite toy, crouching down to your animal's level to play with them. Stand, and raise the toy above your head, and encourage your pet to jump for it. Do ten to twenty times. Upward climb. With a squeaky toy, entice your pet up one stair then back down it. Now take two steps up and go back down two steps. Continue adding another step until you've reached the top of the stair case. Finish at least for climbs in this exercise. And that's all it takes to keep you and your pet fit all winter long.