Money on College

Save Money on College

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-How do you get a brand name college degree for less than a sticker price? The answer of course is ingenuity. College-bound kids can save a bundle if they work the system smart. First, consider community college. You can reduce your tuition by tens of thousands of dollars by doing your core curriculum at a budget-friendly community college and transfer into a four-year school during your junior year. Second, spend your summers on your studies. The best way to cut college cost is to graduate as quickly as possible. Take summer classes at your local community college for extra credits that are a fraction of the cost. Finally, tap free mine. Always apply for every grant and scholarship for which you're eligible. Many are need-based, but others are earmarked for a specific demographic. Search online using databases like and With tuition cost rising at twice the rate of inflation, a little resourcefulness can at least take the sting our of your future student loans.