Money on Buying Computers

Save Money on Buying Computers

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-Your desktop dinosaur takes 15 minutes to reboot. Time for a new computer. Maybe two. Here's how to get them for less. First, time your buy. The deepest price cuts on computers often happen mid summer when back to school sale start kicking in. Retailers are also anxious come September to clear out the current year inventory for next generation models. Second, handle like a pro. Many big bucks retailers are authorized to lower prices, but you have to know to ask. You can also research independent vendors who are selling the computer you seek for less than the competition. Many leading retailers will usually match their price. Finally, keep it simple and don't let pushy sales clerks talk you in to more muscle than you need. Before you hit the stores, know what you need then focus on the least expensive models that meet your standards. Computers are a big ticket item. But if you roll up for sleeves, you could get the model you want without compromising quality