Money on Going to the Movies

Save Money on Going to the Movies

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-Between ticket prices and a tub of popcorn, a trip to the movies can take a serious bite out of your budget, but you can view the latest releases for far less than you pay at the box office by working your connections. Start with warehouse clubs, which typically offer discount movie tickets. Costco recently promoted a ticket 10 pack for $85 while Sam's Club offers a 4 pack available only through its stores. Triple A and many grocery stores offer limited promotions with free movie tickets and popcorn vouchers. If you go to a particular movie theater, consider joining their loyalty program. Points may be redeemed for free concession upgrades or tickets. Carmike Rewards and Regal Crown Clubs are free while AMC Stubs cost $12 per year. But members receive $10 back for every 100 they spend. Finally, many credit card rewards programs allow card holders to use their points for movie passes. Among them, American Express, Chase Freedom, Disney Visa, and Visa Platinum. Some cards such as Citi ThankYou and the Capital One Sony card award extra bonus points for entertainment expenditures. With discounts readily available, you can enjoy family movie night without waiting for the blockbuster to come out on DVD.