Money on Shopping Online

Save Money on Shopping Online

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The internet is a bargain hunter's greatest tool. Coupons and teaser deals abound. But they don't come knocking on your door. To get the best discounts, put your search engine to work. First, consider discount gift cards. Consumers who get a card they don't intend to use can sell them for up to 50 percent off the card's face value. Then, you can buy them at sites like and Second, get cash back simply by accessing your favorite online retailers through a site like It features 1,600 stores. Other options include and Finally, track the best deal. offers a button you can download and add to the Bookmarks on your browser. Shop as usual, and when you see an item you like, including the color and size, click the "Huck it" button. Huckster will notify you by text or e-mail the minute the item goes on sale. Shopping online not only saves you a trip to the store, but a few extra bucks for your piggybank, as well.