's 4-Minute Workout: Monday

Powell's 4-Minute Workout: Monday

Wake up a bit earlier and drop 6 pounds this month. Just follow these oh-so-easy tips from Chris and Heidi Powell of ABC's "Extreme Weight Loss."

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Can you really get a great workout in just 4 minutes? Absolutely. Trainer's Chris and Heidi Powell of ABC's Extreme Weight Loss show you how. Grab your timer and get ready to sweat. On Monday, you'll alternate between doing 50 high knees and 10 push-ups for 4 minutes straight. For the 50 high knees, lift each knee towards your chest and land softly on the ball of your foot. If this is too tough, just slow down your pace. For the 10 push-ups, keep your hands directly beneath your shoulders as you lower your chest to the floor. Need a modification? Do the push-ups on your knees, but work up to doing the full body kind.